Step 1 : Contact

Contact us with all your ideas and inspirations.

Step 2 : Design

Design begins once details have been agreed.

Step 3 : Pricing

After discussion with you, we will generate prices.

Step 4 : Construction

If all specifications have been met the work can begin.

Step 5 : Maintenance

We care for your garden throughout every season.


Get in touch via phone or email. You will be put through to our team to discuss your garden, budget and timescale. If we think we may be a fit for your project we will arrange a consultancy visit to your garden to gather more information.



Once we have all the details we will produce a design for you. This part of the process can take a while as we refine all the elements of the garden.


From the design we then put together a comprehensive budget for reviewing or a fixed quotation for the works needed. We can break jobs up into phases over a fixed timescale.



Landscaping begins once payments have been finalised. Our team of specialists will work to the plans and begin to sculpt your garden.


When your garden is complete we offer an annual contract of garden maintenance. Each garden is so individual that we will go through the contract with you and advise on how many hours would be needed in summer and winter.